As a copywriter, my sole mission is to help your product tell a story so compelling people take action.


The absurd power of wordcraft.


Once, I sold Amway door to door for Transformer money. I was eight. 

Rewriting my sales pitch between houses was kinda my first copywriting job. Really haven't stopped since. 

napoleon rough.png

An important element of what makes up each of us, is to do with what we believe. I like to share my favorites off the top, because I have gratitude for what they did for me and maybe can do for you. 

I believe imagination rules the world. 

I believe it all starts with a bulb, a spark, then if you're lucky a flash of blazing notion. 

I believe words and myth live in every corner of our lives, carried like a fire under our breastbone, steadying our realities. Swelling invisibly around us, we hear it building, then feel it crash like a fifty-foot wave.   

Beliefs manifesting reality.

Like a breeze.  Like a hurricane.   

And I believe that what's perfected on the page gets made, be it a few moments in a reader’s mind or two centuries of collective awareness around the world. A+, first-degree blackbelt copy can help a Kickstarter campaign hit it's numbers, or in Hollywood, launch a 100 million dollar sci-fi movie into the nebula of production.

The medium doesn’t matter. The industry is irrelevant. The message is everything.


Your copy will perfect that message.

Because the best message wins. 


We can do this. 

If you were looking for more personal touches... I make a mean summer ceviche, love the idea of trail-running and my heaven is drawing in a full-size notebook.




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