Xero: Beautiful Accounting Software

The marketing team wanted a small business story that represented the scrappy upstart ready to take on all comers. Horsetooth Hot Sauce was a quirky but snug fit into that demographic.

Horsetooth Hot Sauce: finding a QuickBooks alternative

Xero: Senior Account Manger

The staff at Xero needed something simple and straightforward to share their new structuring for support. We needed to move quick and deliver an animated piece that would take place in basically one place. With some well-timed camera moves and a little flare we stuck the landing on-time and under budget.

byAMT and Moxie Bookkeeping love Xero & Square

With the assistance of some dedicated users and fans of Xero’s software, we were able to share their story of empowerment and growth. Writing around the in-and outs of two dynamic startups was challenging but delivered the just the type of story the client was looking for. A seamless blend of friendship, commerce and art!